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  • Netherlands
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24i creates irresistible video experiences that simply wow views to keep our customers ahead of the streaming curve. Our modular software solutions maximize flexibility and time to market - from a fully cloud-based platform for VOD, FAST and live TV, to a complete TV-as-a-Service solution.

An Aferian Group company, we help OTT service providers, broadcasters and pay TV operators launch differeniated video streaming services, operate efficiently and grow their brands and revenue. Our customers include telecoms companies like KPN, Telenor Sweden, Vodaphone Iceland and Entel, broadcasters such as UK TV, KAN and NPO, and OTT service providers including BroadwayHD, Pure Flix and MGM+.

Product Description

24i Mod Studio

24i Mod Studio is a modular streaming platform that provides all the key capabilities streaming services need, from video backend to elegant white-label applications for all kinds of connected devices. It’s a fast track for greenfield OTT and broadcaster streaming services, or those looking to replace inefficient infrastructure. 

Mod Studio contains a library of highly configurable modules known as “Mods”. They each enable features, for example transcode, DRM, apps, or advanced recommendations. Every Mod is pre-integrated with the core platform and ready to deploy.

We’ve grouped our Mods into three essential stages: Videostage, Appstage and Backstage. 

Videostage - Our expert team will recommend the right selection of Videostage Mods to meet your specific needs – from VOD preparation to storage and CDN. We offer fully cloud-hosted ingest, transcoding, DRM packaging and CDN services. 

Appstage - Appstage is our flawless front end. The Mods in this stage help to solve some of the greatest challenges streaming companies face today: reach, content discovery and user engagement. There are white-label applications for web, mobile, Smart TVs, and streaming devices (Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV), as well as support for casting content to TV screens. Alongside the apps themselves, Appstage has Mods to enable discovery, personalization (through our 24iQ personalization platform), analytics and recommendations. 

Backstage - Backstage is the brains of Mod Studio. It’s a content management system, integration layer and real-time UX/UI configuration tool, all in one interface. Depending on your choice of Mods, you can use it to define the menu structure, pages, content selection and color scheme of your apps on multiple devices and for different audience segments, code-free - so you don’t have to rely on a developer to make these changes. It also gives users of the cloud-based Videostage modules access to monitor and control their video preparation tasks. And when you choose Mods that enable third-party integrations - like subscriber management, or your own existing video backend - Backstage is where we plug these external systems into your apps without any re-coding of the front end.



24iQ is a unique personalization platform that combines AI-powered algorithms and human analysis to drive classic features like “recommended for you” and “because you watched.” It can also be used to automate the dynamic adjustment of the entire app layout, search results and marketing communications per viewer. The result is an overall experience that’s better suited to the individual user, for easier content discovery, increased engagement and higher revenue.

24iQ is available as a fully managed service called 24iQ Enterprise, or in two handy packages - 24iQ Essentials and 24iQ Advanced - that are pre-integrated with our 24i Mod Studio white-label streaming solutions and FokusOn pay TV platform. So, whatever your business model and wherever you are in your streaming journey, you’ll find a 24iQ solution that will help your users to find and watch more of the content they love. 



Our FokusOn platform is a proven route to pay TV excellence that is trusted by many leading telecoms companies. Whether you’re looking for a fully-managed TV-as-a-Service solution, a cloud-based middleware platform, or software you can install and integrate yourself, FokusOn can help you achieve your goals.

FokusOnTV, our fully-managed and pre-integrated, cloud-based TV as a Service solution includes:‍

  • Hundreds of national & international channels plus the option to bring your own
  • Ingest, transcode, packaging & DRM protection
  • High quality, configurable user experience on all leading devices with catch-up TV & network PVR
  • Aggregation of third-party services on pre-integrated set-top boxes