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Sony to Secure PS2

RSA Security (www.rsasecurity.com) and Sony Computer Entertainment ( www.sony.com) have announced an alliance to enable secure Internet communication and data storage on the PlayStation2 (PS2) computer entertainment system. SCEI will incorporate RSA 's encryption software in the PS2 to enable users to conduct secure Internet entertainment, browsing, and transactions, as well as enable privacy of data stored on the PS2's hard disk drive unit.

The companies also announced that SCEI would include RSA BSAFE SSL-C encryption software in the software development kit used to create Internet-based applications for PS2.

"Security is one of most important issues in the networking business," said Shinichi Okamoto, senior vice president and CTO at Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.

Sony announced a partnership with AOL to provide Internet access for the PS2, and a partnership with RealNetworks to embed RealPlayer 8 into the PS2 in mid-May. The announcement signaled the latest move by major media companies to move the Internet and streaming into the living room by creating the next-generation of connected game consoles.

Microsoft's Xbox, which is expected to be released just before Christmas this year, is also expected to be capable of connecting to a broadband connection for multi-player games, as well as other Internet applications.

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