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Dailymotion's Low-Cost Video Host Now Offers Better Security

For companies just starting out with online video, YouTube offers free video hosting but it carries YouTube branding. Better to pay a small amount each month and get something professional-looking. Be sure to consider Vimeo Pro and Vzaar, plus Dailymotion Cloud. Dailymotion offers the advantage of pricing based on actual usage, and it just updated its service.

With yesterday's update, Dailymotion Cloud now includes DRM support for Adobe Flash Access and Microsoft Playready content. That makes streamed content far more difficult for people to grab and reuse.

Dailymotion Cloud also now has in-stream advertising tools, letting publishers make a little revenue from their content. Dailymotion suggests that with in-stream ads, the service could pay for itself and deliver profits for sites with high traffic.

Finally, Dailymotion Cloud now lets users syndicate videos between their online accounts and personal Dailymotion account. Shared material carries metadata, titles, and tags with it.

Existing Dailymotion Cloud features include the ability to upload multiple videos at the same time, adaptive bitrate streaming, and speedy transcoding. The online service supports all popular desktop and mobile formats, and includes analytics so that customers can see exactly what and when people are watching.

Pricing for Dailymotion Cloud is based on usage, beginning at $.12 per hour for less than 100,000 hours of monthly video streaming. High-volume customers can get that rate down to $.06 per hour. Those interested can sample a ten hour test account for free. Try out the pricing calculator on the site, which lets prospective buyers see exactly how much they'll pay each month for different amounts of streamed videos.

For more on Dailymotion, read our review of the site and watch our interview with Roland Hamilton, managing director of Dailymotion USA, on how to best use social video.

Troy Dreier's article first appeared on OnlineVideo.net

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