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Video: How to Use Quality of Experience to Drive Online Video Ad Revenue

In this excerpt from his presentation at Content Delivery Summit 2016, Conviva's Ed Haslam argues that the experience component of video viewership that became almost a non-factor with cable TV—where content was truly king—has returned with a vengeance in the online and OTT video worlds, and content publishers must recognize that delivering a consistently high-quality viewer experience is every bit as important as delivering quality content. Thus, developing a set of metrics for measuring viewer experience and building an experience strategy are critical to maximizing online video revenue.

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Ed Haslam: In the world of video and the world of TV, the maxim is "Content is king." Your video library is the most valuable asset you have as a video producer or content producer. That was true in the world of the world of cable, for example. In the world of the internet, now you have to factor in experience. It's content plus experience. This is actually the first time this has happened since broadcast TV.

I've actually now seen two generations with my father and now my son. I remember with my father, watching TV. When the experience got bad, he got up off the couch, went over, and started hitting the side of the TV and bending the rabbit ears. Then he changed the channel, regardless of how much we liked the show we were watching, because the experience pissed him off.

Guess what? That didn't happen when cable happened, when all through this time and then my son growing up, he's experienced the exact same thing. I keep getting up and rebooting the router. I keep getting up and changing cables on set-top boxes. He's having the exact same experience I had, and we're back to that world where the experience of the delivery medium isn't consistent. It's not a guaranteed quality of experience, which means that as publishers, you must now start measuring that, you must now start looking at that.

What does that look like? That looks like what we call an experience strategy: Build a strategy in your business to maximize experience. You do that by correlating that to these experience metrics to engagement, and that's important because you will end up driving revenue, whether it's subscriber time, subscriber happiness, in which case you're reducing churn, or you're increasing viewer time by increasing the amount of ad impressions you're making available to your audience.

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