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iStreamPlanet Study Shows Pay TV Customers Want Multiscreen

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iStreamPlanet, a video workflow company that offers live linear video solutions, has released a study showing that -- surprise -- viewers want live linear multiscreen delivery. Created with research firm The Diffusion Group (TDG), the study found that 75 percent of pay TV customers were receptive to multiscreen live linear. "Live linear" would allow pay TV customers to watch content from any of their channels on computers or devices exactly as they do on a standard television.

The study took place in January 2012, with TDG questioning 1,000 adult broadband users. Of those queried, 950 were also pay TV customers. Half of the pay TV subscribers questioned said that if their provider offered video-on-demand but not live linear streaming, and they could get those features from a competitor at the same price, they would absolutely switch.

The message iStreamPlantet wants to send to multichannel video programming distributors (MVPDs) is that live linear TV Everywhere delivery helps them retain customers and could even attract former customers who want more flexible viewing options.

For MVPDs concerned about the costs of offering live linear streaming, iStreamPlanet's study finds that the offering can generate new revenue from digital advertising, as well as new subscriber fees. Even those without pay TV service were attracted to multichannel live linear: 30 percent of non-subscribers said they were likely to sign up for such a service.

For more results, download the full multichannel live linear white paper from iStreamPlanet for free (registration required).

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