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Wowza and Uvault Partner for Live Video Captioning System

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With the FCC's January 2013 deadline for online captioning looming, systems that make it easy to add captions to video are taking on a growing importance. Media server software company Wowza announced today that it has partnered with Uvault to create a real-time captioning system for live video.

The technology will be sold by Uvault for its cloud-based content delivery network, and was build for Wowza software. Broadcasters can use it to add captions in real-time to live content, then stream that video to multiple devices.

Uvault's closed captioning works by tapping into the live video system already in place, taking the closed caption data, and offering it synchronized with streaming video. The package includes a device for retrieving captions, CPC software, and Uvault's cloud-based CDN services.

Testing for the captioning service began this month. Uvault will offer support for Flash-based players in May, Apple devices in June, and Android and Blackberry devices in August.

"The FCC's mandate, coupled with the growing number of playback devices, means publishers must be able to deliver closed captioning to multiple screens," says Dave Stubenvoll, Wowza Media Systems CEO and cofounder. "Wowza Media Server software -- with its integrated live adaptive bitrate (ABR) transcoding, and other content-anywhere features -- will enable Uvault to deliver those captions to any device smoothly and synchronously."

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