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TubeMogul's PlayTime Gives Advertisers Improved Metrics

Know exactly where your video ads are playing, says TubeMogul, and discover where you get the best results. That's the promise of PlayTime, the video distributor's just-launched ad network.

There's a disconnect in much online video advertising, since advertisers typically only get a list of sites where there ad will be shown, but don't receive info on page placement or the length of time that viewers actually watch. TubeMogul's goal is to bring transparency to the system.

With PlayTime, advertisers get complete data about where their ads are going. They can see if ads are above or below the fold, whether views are auto-play or click-to-play, and how long they're watched before the viewer clicks off. They can also learn what search terms were used to find the video and whether that video was shared or embedded.

TubeMogul PlayTime
A sample of the data available to advertisers from TubeMogul's PlayTime.

"An advertiser can log in in real time and, for every placement, they can see where their video is being placed, how many impressions the video got, how much play time the video got, and even engagement measures like how often it was shared on Facebook or how many people re-tweeted it," says Brett Wilson, CEO and Co-Founder of TubeMogul.

By the end of the year advertisers will be able to change settings and instantly compare results.

TubeMogul is confident offering this system, because it believes its proprietary engagement data will guarantee longer viewing times. The site collects and analyzes viewer preference and engagement data for billions of monthly video streams. It says that early field tests of its collaborative filtering and targeting technology resulted in viewing times that were 200 to 300 percent longer than with control groups.

PlayTime features video as standalone content on social media sites, as well as on comScore 250 publisher sites. TubeMogul's Mass Audience Segmentation Technology (MAST) targets viewers at a per-stream level.

"We use a technology called collaborative filtering so we're looking at the relationships between what people watch. If we see one person responding to an advertisement, our algorithms then recommend other people that we think would enjoy or consume the ad longer," says Wilson.

As a plus, TubeMogul will give engagement data to the clients that use its publishing platform, so that they can deliver motivated viewers to advertisers and charge more for ads.

While PlayTime has just launched, Wilson says the combination of a video platform and an ad network has been greatly successful, attracting many clients in beta. Companies that deliver content with TubeMogul are able to use PlayTime to attract new viewers. When viewers are happy and stay watching longer, it's a win for everyone.

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