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Netflix Streaming Way Up, Rockets 350% in 10 Quarters: TDG Report

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A report from TDG (The Diffusion Group) digs into the numbers on Netflix to find out just how much video the leading SVOD (subscription video-on-demand) service is actually putting out. The results show that Netflix streaming is still rising at a brisk rate, and has increased by 350 percent since Q4 2011.

At that time, Netflix streamed 2 billion hours in a three month period. Compare that to Q2 2014, when Netflix streamed 7 billion hours.

Looking only at U.S. subscribers, TDG reports Netflix streamed 1.8 billion hours in Q4 2011 and 5.1 billion hours in Q2 2014. All non-U.S. streaming grew from 0.2 billion hours in Q4 2011 to 1.9 billion hours in Q2 2014.

International growth is outpacing U.S. growth, but U.S. streaming makes up the vast majority of Netflix's output. In Q3 2011, 94 percent of Netflix's subscribers were from the U.S. By Q2 2014, that had slipped to 72 percent. As Netflix is moving ahead with an aggressive foreign market strategy, TDG expects that trend to continue.

"When Netflix first launched in 1998 as an innovative DVD-by-mail subscription service it would have been difficult to imagine that, not only would it pass HBO to become the largest premium TV/movie subscription in the U.S., but that it would be ramping up a formidable international streaming business," says Bill Niemeyer, a TDG senior adviser and the report's author.

The Netflix report sells for $2,495.

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