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LiveU and Hitachi Partner on Pro Camera with Video Uplink

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Video-over-cellular company LiveU announced a partnership with Hitachi today to create a professional video camera that includes video uplink capability. The camera will include a LiveU LU40 video uplink device, letting camera operators transmit a live stream as they record, monitoring the transmission status and video quality at the same time. The LU40 will be integrated outside the camera, rather than being seamlessly built in.

At the moment, LiveU and Hitachi can't say when the collaboration will go on the market. A prototype is in development now, however, and they're optimistic that they'll be able to display it at the NAB conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, in April.

The LiveU LU40 is a cellular bonding device that weighs less than 25 ounces (700g) and includes a touchscreen interface and an internal antenna.

"The Hitachi collaboration is an important step in LiveU's global strategy to offer live capabilities to professional camera operators and simplify the workflow in the field," says Samuel Wasserman, LiveU's CEO. "Our development teams are working closely together to build a unique solution serving many different markets."

In November 2012, LiveU received $27 million in funding, which it's using to speed its product development cycle and expand into new markets.

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