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Dailymotion Launches Curated Content Hubs

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Discovering videos on video sharing sites can be a chore, since there are so many to wade through. To help viewers find well-made videos on current topics, Dailymotion has rolled out rapid-response on-demand content hubs.

Hubs will be created for newsworthy topics that are likely to interest viewers. For example, there's currently a hub on the site featuring videos from CES 2011. Hubs are built from the site's catalogue of premium, independent, and user-generated videos.

Besides delivering relevant content to viewers, the hubs also allow Dailymotion to deliver targeted viewers to advertisers.

The site has created temporary hubs for year in review videos, Comic Con, and New York Fashion Week. The site also offers permanent hubs for movie trailers, celebrity videos, gaming, and music, all of which will be continuously updated.

Going forward, Dailymotion's curation team will create hubs by identifying major news stories or trends, then curating content around the topic.

"In today's on-demand environment, viewers are looking for the fastest, easiest ways to discover and share content that is meaningful to them in the moment," says Joy Marcus, general manager of Dailymotion, US. "Hubs build on our already successful curated channels strategy, enhancing the content discovery experience on Dailymotion."

Dailymotion's traffic has risen to 15 million unique visitors in the U.S. this September. 

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