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CES Report: Cisco Announces Videoscape Unity, Cox Signs On

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Showing the results of its NDS acquisition in July, 2012, Cisco introduced the Videoscape Unity TV platform at CES yesterday. This latest version of Cisco's Videoscape platform combines traditional cable delivery with iP, giving pay TV subscribers a unified way to access content from both sources. They will even be able to pause a show on their TV and continue on a mobile device. In the event that a program isn't available for mobile viewing due to licensing issues, users will be able to set DVR recording from their mobile device.

Videoscape Unity has already found a home with Cox Cable, which will make the platform available to subscribers using Cisco's G6, G7, and G8 set-top boxes. It will introduce the service with the G7 in May; the G8 should be out shortly after that. Cox is also releasing an iPad companion app for second-screen viewing. Apps for other iOS devices will follow.

Cisco is emphasizing the customization and personalization features of the platform. Cable operators can create a custom user interface that works with their branding, and subscribers can access content however they like and receive personal recommendations.

Videoscape was first announced at CES two years ago. The cloud features of this latest version are a result of Cisco's NDS acquisition.

"it's another step in the right direction," said John Chapman, CTO of Cisco's cable access business unit. "It's a continuing part of the evolution in how we're going to bring video to the user, how we're going to transform the video experience."

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