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BrightRoll Unveils the BrightRoll Exchange

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In what could be a major development for the online video advertising space, BrightRoll debuted BRX, the BrightRoll Exchange. It's a self-serve platform for buying online video advertising, one that simplifies the process of buying ads and offers buyers greater transparency over what they're getting.

BRX offers simple, intuitive controls that allow advertisers, agencies, and networks to carry out brand-safe video advertising campaigns at scale. The available inventory includes thousands of URLs from video sites, video players, mediation layers, and ad servers, so that buyers can get a broad reach.

BrightRoll notes that at least 20 percent of advertising inventory is never sold, despite the high growth in demand. The Exchange will give buyers a simple way to locate inventory that they want at a fair price.

BRX offers audience targeting, so that advertisers can serve their desired audience, as well as auction pricing: the Exchange conducts a dynamic auction for each impression.

Once they've initiated a campaign, advertisers can receive real-time information on placement, campaign performance, and price.

The Exchange, BrightRoll notes, is the first online video exchange to give online video advertisers the same level of efficiency, automation, and scale that display advertisers have long enjoyed.

"Historically, buying online video advertising at scale has been an inefficient, labor-intensive and technically challenging process," says Tod Sacerdoti, CEO of BrightRoll. "BrightRoll's video advertising and technology expertise has allowed us to automate this process end-to-end, which will fundamentally improve the process of how, and by whom, online video ad buying is done."

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