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Tulix: 2015 Online Video Industry Prediction

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Netflix CEO Reed Hastings recently made waves in the media by asserting that linear TV will cease to exist by 2030. Just a few years ago, that claim would have been met with a lot of skepticism, but in light of recent developments (e.g. HBO offering a stand-alone OTT service), it no longer seems as far-fetched.

Tulix has been in the streaming industry from the beginning, and we have grown from offering personal streaming services to providing end-to-end streaming solutions to broadcasters and content owners, including content delivery and applications on all major connected devices.

To many of our customers, our service used to be an afterthought. Streaming was something to complement their broadcasts on traditional media. Today, the picture looks very different. Our customers want to be on every device, and some have done a complete change of direction by focusing entirely on streaming as part of their strategy.

The latter group may not be the norm yet, and 2030 may not be the year that broadcast TV dies, but it certainly seems that momentum is shifting. Our responsibility is to help customers navigate the ever-changing landscape of this industry and enable them to provide a superior experience to viewers by leveraging all of the benefits streaming has over traditional media.

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