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Panopto - View From The Top 2016

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Ten years ago, the cost and complexity of VC carts and telepresence rooms prevented widespread adoption of video conferencing. Two trends brought video conferencing to everyone. First, cameras got better and cheaper, with 12 mega­pixel sensors now standard in our iPhones and Galaxies. Second, companies like Ap­ple and Microsoft addressed demand for consumer-friendly technology with simple apps like Facetime and Skype.

The same trend is now playing out in video content management and delivery. Specialized capture and streaming appliances are giving way to commodity laptops and mobile devices. Industry giants like IBM and Microsoft are entering the market in a rush to meet demand for easy-to-use streaming software and video portals. Individual employees are using consumer-friendly apps to create their own live and on-demand video presentations.

The trend is in its early days. For example, there are still too many manual tasks involved in capturing and sharing live video from online meetings. It’s still too difficult to produce events that incorporate multiple video feeds and geographically-distributed presenters. And there are still too many content management systems and online services that don’t support video as a first-class data type. To achieve widespread adoption, video platform providers should simplify their video creation and distribution workflows. Video content management systems that don’t provide easy creation tools leave users in the era of hardware-based video conferencing.

The easier we make it for any employee to capture valuable information as video and share it with co-workers, the greater the value of their organization’s video collection. And the greater the value of the video collection, the more likely people will be to create and share more video content. As video replaces the document, this virtuous cycle will ultimately make video libraries as pervasive as video conferencing, and will enable organizations to preserve their company culture and tribal knowledge.

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