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Diversified Revenue, Intuitive Real-Time Control Coming in 2020

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At Lightcast.com we predict that the year 2020 will be influenced by two OTT trends:

  1. Diversified revenue models for independent content creators
  2. More intuitive real-time control over OTT properties and apps

During 2019 we have seen an increase in demand for innovative OTT services and business models across new verticals and industries. For 2020 we predict that independent content creators, who have relied heavily on shared ad revenue from leading social video networks, will explore opportunities to expand their reach and viewership, and to diversify their business model. Rather than relying on one specific revenue model, publishers will increasingly deploy multiple monetization tools parallel across their OTT apps and content offerings. The need for creative, outside-the-box revenue models is bound to grow consistently, as traditional monetization may not prove to be relevant for specific verticals, markets and viewership demographics. Lightcast.com offers the most diversified monetization toolbox, with innovative revenue models and bespoke business consultation for content creators and publishers.

Regarding the creation and operation of OTT properties, such as WebApps, TV Apps and Mobile Apps, we see a clear trend towards intuitive customization and a real-time build process. Lightcast.com’s advanced App Framework, with single-codebase apps, instant multi-platform deployment and an intuitive build process through the Lightcast Media Cloud, provides publishers of OTT properties across all platforms and app-stores with maximum control and real-time management. From complete control over corporate design and branding, deployment of individualized feature-sets, order of custom functionalities, to real-time creation and modification of multi-tier navigation structures of categories, sub-categories, genres, series and seasons, the Lightcast Media Cloud provides the ultimate cockpit and allows to put streaming media publication and distribution on autopilot wherever needed. With this we are catering to the continuous trend in 2020: the simplification of OTT! Utilizing the Lightcast Media Cloud’s automation capabilities through programmable workflow presets for publishing of live-events, linear streams, on-demand contents, archives, gallery thumbnails and other image artwork, metadata, security settings, sharing preferences, multi-language subtitles and other sidecar files, allows content creators to simplify media management and distribution and to save time on tedious upload and administrative work. Automate whatever you can and focus on what matters the most!


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