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Andreas Kisslinger

CEO - Lightcast

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2021 Will See Diversification in Platforms, App Stores, and Revenue Models

Lightcast.com: View from the Top 2020

Diversified Revenue, Intuitive Real-Time Control Coming in 2020

Lightcast.com: View From the Top 2019

At Lightcast.com, we are not afraid to take on the projects of new content creators and distributors with an added dimension to our Customer Service: an intuitive, complimentary business consultation process for media startups.

Lightcast.com: Executive Predictions 2019

Andreas Kissliinger, Founder & CEO, Lightcast.com

Successful Multi-Platform Publishing Requires a Solid Media Management System

Another exciting year in the most exciting industry of all. At Lightcast.com we simply love what we do, and still, nothing excites us more than the media projects of our clients. 

Lightcast.com - View From The Top 2017

Andreas Kisslinger, CEO - Lightcast.com