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Automation Will Upend Video Production in 2020

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For more than a decade now, Epiphan Video has worked hard to build cutting-edge, user-friendly video encoding hardware. The positive response to our products and services, especially when it comes to our Pearl family of hardware encoders, has been gratifying — and emboldening.

By further listening to our customers, we can keep delivering powerful tools for capturing, streaming, and recording high-resolution video in classrooms, corporate offices, conference halls, and more. We’ll also continue looking forward so we can provide innovative AV solutions that meet our customers’ needs.

So, what does the future hold for the video industry?

Automation Will Upend Video Production

The biggest change we see looming is automation — for all aspects of video production. With the high availability and low entry of video creation today, combined with the impressive advancements we’ve seen in artificial intelligence and machine learning, it’s only a matter of time.

Epiphan will do its part to create solutions for assisting and automating live and recorded video production.

Demand for Remote Video Production Will Boom

Another trend on the horizon is remote video production. While professional video equipment is more affordable than ever before, customers in enterprise expect well-produced, high-quality video delivered fast. But the complexities of today’s standalone AV hardware and software challenge this.

By building centralized infrastructures and integrating AV-over-IP-based remote production studios into the video production process, businesses can tap into the talents of highly skilled AV professionals working offsite. Providing remote video production as a service this way would also decrease capital expenditures. Lower costs and greater efficiency will put high-quality live and on-demand video production within reach for everyone.


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