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Shamroc Peterson Talks Launching Diverseego TV

Shamroc Peterson, Founder, CEO, Pilot, Diverseego, sits down with Steve Nathans-Kelly, VP and Editor-in-Chief of Streaming Media for a genial chat about the current state of streaming for niche platforms and to go over Diverseego’s unique and diverse demographic offerings to the streaming market.

“What exactly does Diverseego do?” Nathans-Kelly asks.

“We are the first multicultural travel streaming network that inspires Blacks and Latinos to travel the US,” Peterson says. “That's it. Very simple, very focused.”

Nathans-Kelly asks Peterson to talk a little about the platform’s content and market approach. “We’re an AVOD model,” Peterson says. “And we focused on really homing in on what the travelers want. Finding destinations that are inclusive and diverse, finding brands that we can include within our content, working with destinations that really want to service and open up to more Blacks and Latinos. Then on the other side, having Blacks and Latinos find new destinations within the US, because…when we started here, and in some of the earlier ideas we did, we realized that [in] this market…the destinations really needed to find more content or more people to come. So we kind of made that intersection between our customer and the destinations and the brands."

“I mean, it's sad to say, but this inclusivity [with] travel destinations has not always been a given thing,” Nathans-Kelly points out.

“Right? It isn't,” Peterson says. “And that's the reality. But what we have done with Diverseego is really find that connection, that point, and we want to say we're kind of the conduit, right? We connect these folks and the destinations to [work] together and then being able to have a great experience. So we create that content that is very energetic, that's fun, that's lively, that shows the destination in a great way, and that people are having fun!”

“So what are some of the shows?” Nathans-Kelly asks.

“One of the shows is called Show Me Where, and then we also bring in other content creators. And now keep in mind we have already started, but our big launch is in April 2023. So in 2023, you know, streaming media will be a lot bigger and faster and stronger. So we're doing a lot of the content creation now. And one of the shows that we brought in when we first initially started was Show Me Where. We have some other shows that are in development and we're shooting as we speak, and then all of that content will be released on platforms, on apps, and FAST channels in 2023.”

“Okay, great,” Nathans-Kelly says. “And you know, one of the challenges I always hear about when launching a targeted service on OTT is that it's a sort of a chicken and egg thing, right? It's that you need reach to get advertisers. So how do you get to that point where you have the reach to get advertisers and then really monetize the site?”

Peterson says, “Well, I found that we as a company really had to find our customer base. We have to promote, we have to market, we have to really find…what are they looking for? So a lot of that comes through social media…that's the easiest way. Then you have to do other forms of marketing, which is paid. So we have to do that. And then we bring those people in to find that. Now connecting with the brands, that's where we basically are honest with them. As you said, there's not a lot of inclusiveness in a lot of destinations. So we really are honest with those destinations and say, ‘hey, you need to connect with us because we can bring you more customers, and in turn, you make more money.’ That's the same as with the brands.”

“So you're not just basically monetizing the platform,” Nathans-Kelly says. “You're bringing them a service, in a sense. Bringing them an audience, just like the audience you’re bringing to yourself.”

“Exactly! So it’s a win-win for both,” Peterson says.

Nathans-Kelly asks if there are any solid audience numbers available yet for Diverseego. “I won't say our figures yet because we're still in that infancy,” Peterson says. “We're growing because we're doing our big launch in 2023. We're still not there, but we're doing pretty well in growth. I won't disclose to the audience the top-line numbers, but we're doing very well. And we figure that as brands and destinations want to work with us, they realize that we're servicing the need.”

“Okay, yeah, we can’t let every cat out of the bag!”

“We can’t!” Peterson says with a laugh. “We can't give you my entire business model, guys!” Pointing at Nathans-Kelly, he says, “I mean, really, he's asking some hard-hitting questions here! I can't tell you everything, Steve, but I love you anyway.”

Steve laughs and says, “Well, I appreciate that. So where can we find this channel?”

Diverseego.com,” Peterson says. “And when we launch in 2023, you'll find us on the major platforms which will be Roku, Amazon…and then we'll be creating [a] FAST channel later in the year.”

“Okay. Yeah, that sounds great,” Nathans-Kelly says. “And timely that we're talking again…”

“You got us right before we launched, which is good!” Peterson says. “You're getting stuff before it's coming out, so you're helping me out, man. I appreciate it.”

“Well, that's good,” Nathans-Kelly says. “I mean, I already thought it was great to be back here, but it's even greater that I get to see you again.”

“You know what's greater?” Peterson says. “I'm just going to tell the audience…it's great to start here because this is a place where you can learn. You can build your ideas; you can formulate the ideas and connect with enough places or businesses that can help you create that idea. You know, I'm finding people that I'm working with already, that I'm going to be working with in the future, right here. And it's just making those meetings and making those connection points here, you can really do it here at Streaming Media!”

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