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Mogulus Aims to Bring Linear TV to the Internet With Pro Service

Normally, one would assume that customers would form lines winding up, down, and around long city blocks to get their hands on a free product. But according to Mogulus CEO Max Haot, customers are lining up to do just the opposite for his company’s upcoming premium service, Mogulus Pro, which, for a price, will add several features to the company’s current free offering.

"We get about more than 10 requests a day from people asking about it, the producers," Haot said. "Right now, they’re very happy to be able to use the platform for free, but they are actually interested in paying, and we will support them."

The Mogulus Service
The free version of Mogulus, currently available at www.mogulus.com, allows producers to create 24/7 linear video channels on the internet that can be embedded into their websites. Users can program their channel with both live and pre-recorded content from existing video podcasts or YouTube, Haot said, and the service also includes live multicamera mixing, a graphics library, and the ability to work with other associate producers around the world in real time.

To support the free version, Mogulus inserts a 10- to 15-second ad into each channel in eight-minute intervals, according to the company’s website. But by purchasing Mogulus Pro, producers will be able to remove the ads, have access to a white label player that can be branded however they see fit, use new analytics features that will allow them to create audience reports for management and advertisers, increase the quality of the channel from 4/3 to 16/9, enable H.264 streaming, use APIs to further customize their players, and purchase additional storage space.

Haot said the Pro version is aimed at newspapers, magazines, and large media companies while the free version is targeted to small- and medium-sized publishers and bloggers. According to him, the purpose of these products is to make running a 24/7 channel easy and affordable so that anyone can do it.

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