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Apple Continues To Expand Mac's New Media Tools

A Quick Review
Twenty years ago, Apple sponsored its first Super Bowl commercial to launch the Macintosh platform. A thinly-clad athlete carrying a sledge hammer interrupted what appeared to be a brain-washing session by smashing the giant screen and breaking the spell. The narrator predicted that with the Macintosh, the 1984 predicted by George Orwell in his book would not come about.

Since the introduction of the Macintosh, Apple has continued to break new ground. The Mac was the first personal computer platform to deliver digital media to end users (QuickTime 1.0, 1991). But, with the emergence of Windows 3.1 and the standardization of enterprises on Microsoft operating systems and applications, the Mac’s market opportunity has been largely confined to academic institutions and the media/entertainment industry.

Fast Forward
In 2004, there are two reasons the Macintosh is earning the attention of Windows users and those who support enterprise users: networking technology and applications.

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