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Christine Perey is an evangelist, industry analyst and independent consultant focusing on Mobile Social Networking and Mobile Mixed and Augmented Reality for consumer applications, and Machine Learning-based advanced technologies for virtual business meetings. She is a catalyst for change and advancement in these domains; her passion is developing new opportunities for widespread adoption of emerging technologies and services that will profoundly change how people live and work in the future. In 2008, Christine co-founded Mobile Monday Switzerland. She is the chair of the W3C Workshop on the Future of Social Networking and serves as an advisor on committees and boards. More information at She can be reached at

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Distributed Social Networks: Promises and Pitfalls

As users attempt to maintain identities and assets, including video, across multiple sites, the W3C held a workshop to address opportunities and challenges offered by distributed social networks.
Fri., Jan. 30, by Tim Siglin and Christine Perey

Case Study: European Commission Masters Streaming Media

The EU’s Audiovisual Services group reaches out to journalists by offering an online complement to its popular Europe by Satellite service.
by Christine Perey

Going Mobile: Wireless TV Market in the UK Takes Off

As 3G gains momentum, successful trials suggest that the time is ripe for mobile TV in the UK. But competition between delivery models, as well as debate over the roles of different links in the delivery chain, is keeping widespread adoption at bay.
by Christine Perey

CeBIT 2006: Action at the Extremes

With its theme “Digital Solutions for Work and Life,” this year’s show offered plenty of playback-related devices, from the most portable to the least.
by Christine Perey

Commentary: Barriers to Smooth Streaming Remain Visible at 3GSMWorld 2006

The wireless market is still defined by unproven business models and a veritable alphabet soup of competing standards and technologies. To anyone who’s been around streaming since the beginning, it’s an all-too-familiar scenario.
by Christine Perey

H.264 Video Prepares MPEG-4 For Prime Time

As broadcasters shift from tape- to disk-based digital acquisition, editing, and transmission systems, MPEG-4 system vendors’ products can gain significant market share against MPEG-2. Adoption will depend on several factors, such as de-mystifying H.264 and its availability as a codec within MPEG-4.

A Healthy Convergence of Conferencing and Streaming Media

Anthony Whalen of Truestar Health is a streaming media entrepreneur who has taken off-the-shelf components from STARBAK and VCON and created a special streaming media production system. The resulting programming positively impacts the daily lives of Truestar Health members.

Apple Continues To Expand Mac's New Media Tools

Whether you use them or not, Apple computers are icons. The latest releases are doing more than pleasing loyalists; they are causing the heads of Windows users to turn and look. In 2004, Macs are finding their way into the home & business & making new media much easier for users to create & enjoy.

Streaming Media to Mobile Audiences

In 2004, mobile users are signing up for and experimenting with services featuring synchronized audio and video. The first mobile rich media app to launch is video messaging, since it is a straightforward evolution of photo messaging and appeals to our need to communicate personal information.

Debunking Multicast Urban Legends

In the multicast industry there are a number of commonly heard statements that have become "urban legends." It is the streaming media industry’s responsibility—if it wants to become ubiquitous by driving down bandwidth costs—to dispel these myths with "truths" such as those provided here.

Cisco Expands Its AVVID Portfolio

In November, Cisco announced plans to extend its AVVID IP communications products portfolio into the data conferencing world through the acquisition of Latitude Communications. Though significant, this move is unlikely to create enormous new opportunities for those selling and using streaming media.

What’s Holding Up Multicast Streaming?

Today many streaming industry advocates (and pundits) wonder why eleven years after the first test multicasts of streaming, this technology is still not ubiquitous. Will multicast streaming efficiencies ever happen?

Department Of The Interior Streams To Its Employees

On the job, as Director of Online Learning for the Department of the Interior University, Bob Veltkamp searches for better ways to communicate consistently and effectively to over 70,000 people who work for the Department’s eight bureaus and other Departmental offices.

Inside The Cisco Media Network

As director of the Cisco Media Network for the past six years and involved with the company’s streaming efforts for the past eight, Mike Mitchell has tried dozens of products and services, developed and revised protocols for users, and shares with us how the Cisco Media Network has evolved.

Healthcare Professionals Getting A Dose Of Streaming

At the Charleston Area Medical Center rich media is making a difference. Patients and personnel can access content from the Health Education Research Institute’s Media Services group with one click of the mouse.

Rich Media Publishing and Management Part 3: Peering into the Crystal Ball

This final installment of a series on rich media publishing and management explores two diverging scenarios for the evolution of the category. Will the category persist as a stand alone or will the capabilities provided by these platforms be integrated into other business systems?

Rich Media Publishing and Management Part 2: Sorting The Candidates

There is agreement on the vision of what a platform should be, but how should a customer narrow down the field and focus on only those providers likely to meet the customer’s specific requirements? And what are the most important factors to consider when making the final selection?

Rich Media Publishing and Management: Definitely Here Today - Part 1

This examination of the rich media publishing and management space begins by defining the segment, reveals how it evolved to its present state, and identifies some of the current players. Part one of this article sheds some light of what customers might look for when evaluating solutions.

AOL Gets the Green Light to Stream Video

In 2001, the FCC imposed a condition on AOL that it was not to develop video and audio enabled IM software, for fear that AOL would gain an "unassailable lead" over its nearest competitors. In April of this year, AOL petitioned the FCC to drop the condition saying ban was no longer necessary.

Designing the Streaming Media Future

Product architects and producers of streaming content need to focus more attention on the elements of good design and on what their target audiences are doing. Gale Moore, of the University of Toronto's Knowledge Media Design Institute talks about designing useful tools by observing users in action.

Virage Then And Now

With the recent announcement of the acquisition of Virage, a provider of video and rich media communication software, contributing Editor Christine Perey reviews their business history and the integration of the streaming media work flow within enterprise corporations.

The Business of Stream Metrics: Quantifying Quality

Streaming media industry consolidation continued this past week when Keynote Systems acquired Streamcheck, the only streaming-focused "independent" metrics provider. This feature discusses stream metrics and questions how the streaming media industry has avoided quantifying quality.

Video E-Mail And The In-box

There are two categories of use for video messaging. The first is to offer an audience an experience akin to television advertising. The second is personal video messaging. There are professional and consumer applications for both categories of video messaging. by Christine Perey

Where Videoconferencing And Streaming Technologies Intersect - Part 2

Integrating videoconferencing & streaming as source & delivery platforms can be challenging. Examining the features & hazards commonly found by those creating & distributing content created by blending conferencing & streaming will help guide you in the right direction. by Christine Perey

Microsoft Announces Intention To Acquire PlaceWare

Nearly three weeks into 2003, Microsoft made two announcements that struck Web conferencing solution and service providers like a bolt of lightening; the reverberations will be heard and felt through other technology sectors in the months and years Christine Perey

Where Videoconferencing and Streaming Technologies Intersect - Part 1

As simple as it sounds to connect one IP video platform to another, converting media produced in real time by a videoconferencing system to appeal to streaming audiences accustomed to broadcast television is challenging.
By: Christine Perey

TUTORIAL: Creating product launches that sizzle Part II

In Part II, contributor Christine Perey looks at products and services companies can use when launching products online.

Making Products Launches That Sizzle Part II

In Part II, contributor Christine Perey looks at products and services companies can use when launching products online. To read Part I click here.

TUTORIAL: Making brand launches sizzle Part 1

Given the continuous barrage of marketing messages, some companies are finding that streaming media helps in getting product launches seen and heard. Contributor Christine Perey writes about the market opportunity for companies looking to launch online.

Making Product Launches That Sizzle

Given the continuous barrage of marketing messages, some companies are finding that streaming media helps in getting product launches seen and heard. Contributor Christine Perey writes about the market opportunity for companies looking to launch online.