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Unicorn Media Announces First-of-Its-Kind Dynamic Ad Integration and Real-Time Analytics Support for Mobile Devices

Unicorn Once Simplifies Delivery of Content Across Any IP-Enabled Environment, Including iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch Devices.

Tempe, AZ(19 Oct 2010)

Unicorn Media, Inc., a leader in video workflow optimization technology, today announced the release of Unicorn Once, a revolutionary stream management service for IP-enabled devices including mobile and iDevices (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch). This innovative, patent-pending technology allows publishers to easily incorporate dynamic ad integration and real-time video analytics for the first time when delivering content to iDevices and other mobile platforms.  To-date, content owners have faced challenges when looking to better monetize and analyze content across these popular mobile systems; Unicorn Once provides them with the same ubiquitous capabilities they are accustomed to in typical browser or Flash-based environments.

Part of Unicorn's Media-as-a-Service 4.0 platform, Unicorn Once supports Apple's HTTP-based segmented streaming protocol and simplifies the delivery of content to any IP-enabled device, further demonstrating the flexibility of the powerful platform. Unicorn Once seamlessly integrates into existing video workflows to allow publishers to easily distribute content to these devices, delivering a browser-like playout experience while completely removing the necessity for a player. Content owners can now dynamically insert interstitial ad breaks including personalization and ad targeting (from any ad provider or their own inventory) for mobile or iDevice content with no added complexity to their workflows.  In addition, publishers distributing to devices, including the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch will for the first time have the ability to track, measure and report on the performance of that content through Unicorn's real-time data warehouse technology, Unicorn Analyze.

With the advancement of devices such as the Apple iPad and iPhone, along with numerous Internet-connected television appliances, the HTTP protocol has become a popular technology for video stream delivery. Until now, the ability to support interstitial ad integration into an HTTP stream as well as the ability to provide detailed analytics on those streams has been unavailable without extensive development effort and countless costly work-arounds. Unicorn Media supports the trend in adaptive HTTP streaming which will provide its customers and their audiences with the most current advancements in high-quality online viewing experiences. As part of this initiative, Unicorn will also be working closely with major ad networks and ad serving providers who support HTTP video delivery to integrate ad campaigns into this environment.

"In order to reach the largest possible audience for video content, it is critical that we have the tools to ubiquitously reach multiple device types, especially mobile devices," says Adam Lilling, Co-Founder of Alleged Media, a leading online video aggregator. "The challenges and complexity associated with publishing video across mobile platforms like iDevices require companies like ours to commit valuable resources and time just to get the same functionality we are accustomed to in traditional browser environments. Unicorn Media has solved these issues and has given Alleged Media the tools to reach any platform."

"Mobile delivery is clearly the largest emerging market for content today, with rapidly increasing ad CPM's. Unicorn Once removes the complexity of multiple device support, ad delivery and analytics, for the first time giving content owners the ability to profit from this untapped market," says Bill Rinehart, Founder and CEO, Unicorn Media.

Unicorn's suite of services include video management tools such as transcoding, content management and syndication, that make the distribution of content to any IP-enabled device less time consuming and less expensive, enabling content owners to reach even more audiences. In addition, Unicorn's service offering also includes its patent-pending Unicorn Analyze technology, which provides publishers with real-time actionable information, giving them the ability to truly understand their audience across multiple platforms and make decisions that affect their bottom line.

About Unicorn Media, Inc.

Unicorn Media, Inc. has developed groundbreaking video workflow solutions that change the way content owners deliver their media assets online. With a focus on publisher profitability, Unicorn lowers the costs of video management and improves revenue generation capabilities through actionable real-time information. The flexible Media-as-a-Service 4.0 architecture enables Unicorn Media customers to choose the services that best suit their needs through its comprehensive video platform or by augmenting their existing system with individual components. With real-time cloud analytics for understanding audiences and dynamic media synchronization for delivering content to any online destination or Internet-connected device, Unicorn Media has revolutionized the process for running a profitable online media property. Founded by Limelight Networks founding CEO, Bill Rinehart, and headquartered in Tempe, AZ, privately held Unicorn Media, Inc. has offices in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago and London. For additional information, please visit: http://www.unicornmedia.com