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AirTies Announces Hybrid Mesh Software Combining Wi-Fi and Wired Home Networks

Operator devices can become smart Access Points utilizing the best of Wi-Fi, PLC, MoCA and Ethernet for next-generation in-home video distribution and ISP services.

ISTANBUL, Turkey (25 Jan 2016)

AirTies Wireless Networks (, a leading supplier of advanced wireless products, today announced hybrid home networking software that combines the best of Wi-Fi with the best of Powerline Communication (PLC), MoCA over coax and Ethernet enabling the next-generation of in-home HD video distribution. The new software turns an operator’s in-home equipment to smart Wi-Fi access points to deliver resilient and high-capacity broadband and video to all devices in the home. 

AirTies hybrid Mesh treats PLC, MoCA or Ethernet links as individual point-to-point connections in addition to the wireless Mesh links available. AirTies Mesh nodes select a combination of wired and Wi-Fi hops to best route packets and running links in parallel, which dramatically increases total network capacity. A best path is determined by taking factors such source location, number of hops required and best point-to-point link speed into account, rather than just signal strength as competing solutions do. 

Traditional PLC/Wi-Fi or MoCA/Wi-Fi extenders treat the Wireline as a backbone. But actual Wireline throughput varies widely. Frayed wiring, distance or noise are typical causes limiting the total network performance to the weakest link. AirTies’ unique client steering technology always ensures that mobile clients are connected to the optimal smart AP/Mesh node to maximize total network capacity.

A hybrid approach combines the flexibility and coverage of Wi-Fi with the ability of wired options to overcome barriers to RF signals such as thick stone walls. Wi-Fi is usually best to deliver services to wireless devices within rooms while a wired options can connect separate Wi-Fi Access Points (APs) across challenging radio transmission conditions. AirTies software lets operators meet the needs of individual homes with a complimentary and dynamic wired / wireless approach. The hybrid Mesh supports failover, so that for example a PLC link could cut in when a Wi-Fi signal fades ensuring service continuity and graceful degradation.

“Hybrid Mesh enables the next-generation of video distribution in the home” says Bulent Celebi Executive Chairman and co-Founder of AirTies. “Today we consume HD video - soon to become ultra HD - on mobile devices in addition to multiple TVs”. Hybrid Mesh enables 10 premium video streams simultaneously from multiple sources including live broadcast, recorded on PVR, OTT from the internet or from a local NAS server” adds Celebi.         

AirTies’ modular approach to video and Internet distribution in the home gives operators a solution for guaranteed QoS to the end device, whether wired or wireless. Previously dark spots can be eliminated by the simple addition of another device using the network resource best equipped to reach it.

About AirTies

AirTies was founded in 2004 by a senior management and technical team from Silicon Valley, with the strategic intent to become the market leader for the wirelessly connected home.  AirTies designs and develops its own software and hardware, wirelessly streaming high definition video to multiple rooms and screens. The comprehensive product portfolio includes broadband Internet devices and Internet based television set top boxes. Its award winning technology enables seamless wireless integration at the touch of a button, as well as 100 percent Internet wireless coverage in homes. AirTies has an install base of over 10 million devices worldwide.

More information is available at Follow us on twitter @AirTies