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March 27, 2024

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Welcome to FAST Times

2023 got everyone on the same page: FAST should be part of the me­dia mix whether you are a content provider, a broadcaster, or a distribution platform.

The State of Education Video 2024

Is the state of education video in 2024 the quiet before or after the storm? With a pandemic in the rearview mirror, we approach a crossroads where it will be determined whether enterprise-scale video hosting and management services will remain profitable at the prices that schools are willing to carry in the new normal. It's unlikely that we'll cross a point of no return this year, but I recommend keep­ing an eye out for signs that will either allay or am­plify concerns about the long-term future of schools having a degree of ownership and control of the vid­eo services they rely on.

Short Cuts

How Premium Sports Streaming Licensing Will Shake Out in 2024 and Beyond

As the prices paid for top-tier sports streaming rights continue to reach astronomical levels, and the potential disruption created by the blockbuster ESPN/Fox/Warner Bros. joint venture (popularly termed "Spulu") teased in February, what sports licensing will look like as 2024 rolls on and who will be able to afford it is anybody's guess. Will it play out differently in the U.S. and Europe? And as costs are passed on to users, why wouldn't sports fans just stick with cable? Find out what top analysts like ESHAP's Evan Shapiro, Erickson's Paul Erickson, Dataxis' Ophelie Boucaud, and TVREV's Alan Wolk, say in this clip from Streaming Media Connect 2024.

Industry News

Immersive Design Studios Unifies Live Event Broadcast Looks with AJA ColorBox

Virtual production may be the toast of Hollywood, but as demand for blockbuster-caliber visuals crosses over into proAV, the approach is popularizing for hybrid live streamed concerts, product launches, and more. Unlike film or episodic shoots, live event

Teradek Launches Prism Mobile 5G & Mk II for In The Field Broadcasting

Teradek Launches Prism Mobile 5G & Mk II: the ultimate video contribution solution for news teams, live production crews, and public safety officials.

Gcore AI-powered Speech Recognition Service Sets New Speed and Scalability Standard for Broadcasters, VOD and Content Owners

Powerful automated speech recognition service delivers cost-efficiency to content owners