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Christopher Levy

Chairman, Digital Media Management Working Group

Christopher Levy is regarded as one of the world's experts in Digital Rights Management technologies and the use of DRM to market, monetize and monitor digital media content.  As a high-profile DRM evangelist, Levy regularly speaks and writes about the technology and was recently nominated to be a Digital Media MVP [Microsoft Valued Professional] by Microsoft with a specific focus on DRM. He is currently the CEO and Founder of BuyDRM, a pay-media services provider whose flagship product KeyOS is in use by a wide variety of content owners and licensees. BuyDRM is a Microsoft Preferred DRM Provider and is privately held with offices in Austin, Los Angeles and New York and development offices in Eastern Europe.   Levy began his career in Digital Media in 1994 when he launched a WebCast services company in Austin, Texas providing on-site production and encoding technology to Mark Cuban's AudioNet and several Content Delivery Networks. After selling the company, ClickHear Productions, to CMGI in 1999, Levy co-invented and led to market "streamOS", the industry's first Streaming Media Overlay System delivering Streaming Media across multiple Content Delivery Networks. streamOS was used by MSN to webcast Madonna to 9 Million viewers making it the largest webcast in history until 2005's Live 8 Webcast. Levy has provided Digital Media Vision to a top-shelf list of clients including Casbah Productions LLC [Responsible for Live 8 and the AOL/XM Radio/AEG joint-venture Network Live] Interscope Records, IslandDefJam Records, Anheuser-Busch, NFL Films, Grand Royal Records, Capitol Records,  The Museum of Television and Radio, Microsoft, Intel and others. Levy is a featured industry writer and speaker and has been featured in print and online with,, eContent Magazine, Klixxx Magazine, and others and has spoken at DRM Strategies, Jupiter's Plug.In, NAB, NATPE, Streaming Media East and West, Digital Hollywood, Content World, Internext/IA2000, EAT’M, South By Southwest and the iHollywood Forum.

Articles for Christopher Levy

What is Consumer DRM?

As 2018 nears to a close and with the largest IBC ever just wrapped last week, three key movements in the Digital Rights Management market have come to light. In the first scenario we see a massive movement towards standardized containers like FMP4 in HLS and CMAF for the deployment of "Consumer DRM" including Apple FairPlay, Google Widevine and Microsoft PlayReady.

DRM Demystified

Reports of DRM's death have been greatly exaggerated. If anything, it's more important than ever. Here's a look at the leading DRM technologies, as well as a glimpes into DRM's future.
Thurs., Dec. 6, by Christopher Levy

Sometimes the Simplest DRM Solutions are the Best

Here’s how you can use simple file-level DRM with the Microsoft Windows Media format to protect your content and maybe even make some money.

DRM Solutions: Who Holds The Keys To The Future of Streaming Media

The market is seeing a clear and concise movement by the world’s biggest electronic, software and hardware manufacturers towards securing their future with a DRM solution bundled in their offering. Apple, Microsoft and Sony Fight The Last Great Battle On The Web. by Christopher Levy

Making Money with Streaming Media

At a very low level DRM systems provide a lock and key for your content. Using extrapolations of this concept, DRM platforms are able to provide more and more complex marketing and sales vehicles which webmasters can utilize to increase the reach of their Christopher Levy