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Sonic Foundry: Executive Palmistry 2014

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2014 Online Video Executive Prediction: The Future of Video in the Enterprise

Video is at a tipping point. It makes up the majority of the information flying across the internet right now, and it’s growing at an exponential rate. This consumer-driven demand has put video at the top of the technology planning initiatives for organizations, which are increasingly realizing its power to bridge time and distance.

As we surpass our 10th year since introducing Mediasite into the enterprise—the most powerful year of innovations in the history of Sonic Foundry—we maintain the belief that video, both live and archived, is the single most transformative asset for your organization.
The future of video in the enterprise enables a world where customers are reached with more impact than that which happens via email; and employees receive dynamic training and consistent communications, still allowing them to learn at their own time, to watch at their own time, and most importantly to watch again and again.

The enterprise video platform of the future will make knowledge sharing prolific, regardless of technology infrastructure. Sonic Foundry provides more control and flexibility to capture, upload, edit and publish rich video from any environment or device. Search will be one of the most powerful assets in your video content management strategy, and our customers are already searching not only metadata and text, but also the spoken word. Information stored in vast video libraries will be just a click away from anyone who needs it.

Video is at a tipping point. The future is about embracing its power to creating much more effective, stronger organizations, and Sonic Foundry can take you there.

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