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Videology's Collider Unit Aims at Motivated Buyers with Video Ads

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Most mobile targeting strategies are inferred, rather than confirmed, but the latter is much more precise, says Peter Hagerty, senior vice president of strategic partnerships at Collider Media, a mobile data management platform acquired by online video technology company Videology, during an interview with Beet.TV at the IAB annual leadership meeting.

Hagerty explains that Collider's strategy is to use its technology to precisely reach consumers in the market for different products. As an example, confirmed targeting could help a car maker reach an individual whose car lease is expiring at a specific time with a pitch for a different car.

"Our goal is to make the impressions they see on a daily basis more valuable and to connect those impressions with brand advertisers who want to reach those users when they are about to make a decision," Hagerty explains. Hilton, for example, might want to target Westin users to try to draw them to Hilton Hotels, using confirmed data to target those users.

"We are layering data on top of the publishers' inventory that tells a demand source a little bit more about that end user," Hagerty says.

Most mobile marketing now is direct response focused, by contrast. "We are enabling brands to deliver messages to users and enable them to interact with or respond to that message and track the effectiveness of it," he adds.

Disclosure: Beet.TV’s coverage of the IAB Leadership Meeting is sponsored by Videology.

This article used courtesy of Beet.tv.

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