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thePlatform Creates 'Smart Workflow' for Video Preparation

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The Seattle, Washington-based white label video publisher thePlatform (a Comcast subsidiary) is adding a "smart workflow" system to its MPX video publishing platform.

The idea behind the smart workflow is to make it easier to prepare video for playback on a variety of devices and in a variety of formats. It provides cloud transcoding options designed to speed up the process of delivering multiscreen video.

To make that happen, thePlatform has partnered with Elemental and Harmonic for transcoding, Aspera for fast file transfers, and Akamai for HTTP ingest technology.

By signing onto the smart workflow, thePlatform says customers can create multiple versions of a file quickly. Built in protections ensure that, if a file transcode fails, only that one file is re-transcoded. Also, the system calculates the number of files needed for the targeted devices and formats, to eliminate duplications.

To make sure that the system is not only smart, but also easy, thePlatform has improved its administrative console. The company promises that customers will be able to create and configure encoding profiles quickly, without needing to reach out to thePlatform support.

Last month, thePlatform announced that it was adding Conviva analytics to its MPX platform, for no additional cost to customers.

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