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Serve Re-Targeted Video Ads with BrightRoll, Thanks to Magnetic Deal

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Magnetic and BrightRoll announced a deal this morning that brings the power of search re-targeting to video advertising. Customers of BrightRoll's video advertising network will be able to deliver their ads to viewers more likely to be receptive to their products and services.

The concept of search re-targeting was brought into the mainstream by Yahoo in February, 2009, when it collected search data from users, then harvested that data to serve appropriate ads. Customers who searched on new homes were more likely to see home buying ads, for example.

Magnetic is based in New York City and grew out of a company called Domdex. While it doesn't own a search engine, it's been able to collect user search data from partner sites to built an inventory of user profiles and search data. It currently has a database of over 270 million profiles.

Thanks to this partnership, BrightRoll will use Magnetic's data to serve re-targeted video ads. For advertisers, that means a greater likelihood of reaching interested viewers.

Earlier this year, Magnetic formed partnerships with InterClick and Undertone Networks for display ad networks.

"The amazing power of online video creates a visceral response from users, given how engaging the ads can be. Imagine serving a stylistic video of a BMW racing through the streets of New York to a user who is in purchase mode for a luxury car - and we know this because the user's key word searches show the exact intent. This is the branding opportunity we are delivering," says Josh Shatkin-Margolis, CEO of Magnetic. "By combining this opportunity with search, the highest converting source of data, we've made it easy for advertisers to create a perfect synergy of ad creative, media, and data."

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