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The 2010 Streaming Media All-Stars

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Jan OzerJan Ozer: Editor
Streaming Learning Center

Previous job titles:
• Contributing Editor, StreamingMedia.com (current)
• VP Marketing, Iterated Systems
• Contributing editor to several video and computer industry publications

Proudest achievements:
• Haven’t had them yet (but being selected to the Streaming Media All-Stars is up there)

Next big thing:
“Tutorials that help companies use streaming video for sales, marketing, and promotion.”

Biggest trend in online video:
“Video transitioning from an exotic format on some websites to essential content on nearly all websites.”

Biggest challenge facing the industry:
“Fractured interests that prevent the creation of cohesive standards, like the HMTL5 video tag debacle.”

Andy PlesserAndy Plesser: Founder and Executive Producer

Previous job titles:
• Associate Producer, CBS Television

Proudest achievements:
• Building a new media brand from scratch and getting acknowledged by the media industry

Next big thing:
"Will interview subjects remotely, using web-based video conferencing technology."

Biggest trend in online video:
"The consumption of video away from destinations and the rise of new syndication schemes."

Biggest challenge facing the industry:
"Video needs to be properly indexed and searched for web use and for devices. We are not there yet.

Mark RobertsonMark Robertson: Founder

Previous job titles:
• Director of Search - Freedom Communications

Proudest achievements:
• In 2009, I took a leap of faith and left the comfort of a
full-time job so as to focus more of my time and energy
on my passion for this space and on my website,
ReelSEO.com. Since then, readership has more than
doubled and ReelSEO.com has been established as the
leading source of information when it comes to the
intersection of online video and marketing.

Biggest trend in online video:
"Companies of all sizes are rapidly moving to incorporate
online video into their interactive initiatives. I believe
that some of this adoption can be attributed to the novelty
and excitement that surrounds the medium. As the novelty
subsides, it will be even more important for our industry
to establish and define metrics for success so as to
help businesses justify and expand their investments into
online video."

Anthony SoohooAnthony Soohoo: Senior VP and General Manager, Entertainment and Lifestyle
CBS Interactive

Previous job titles:
• Founder, Dotspotter
• Vice President and General Manager at Yahoo!
• COO of ALWAYSi, a user-generated video startup

Proudest achivement:
• The growth of CBS Interactive’s entertainment & lifestyle brands. We’ve grown CBS.com from fourth to the No. 1 network site, making CBS No. 1 on air and online; TheInsider.com is now a top five entertainment/news property worldwide. We’ve seen tremendous growth at CHOW, our food website, which has doubled its audience in the past year. We’re also very excited about the success to date and the future of TV.com, which promises to simplify television by letting people find, organize and share the shows they love.

Biggest challenge facing the industry:
“Things are more confusing than ever before—buzzwords, new platforms, and technologies are popping up every day. There is a high probability that consumers can become easily confused. We need to watch out for this and remember that the user experience is going to matter more than ever before.”

Mike TedescoMike Tedesco: VP Technology and Product Development
WWE Global Digital Media

Previous job titles:
• Chief Technology Officer, dLife.com
• Chief Technology Officer, GT3
• Founder and CEO, Omnyscient Technology, LLC
• Director of Technology, Priceline.com

Proudest achivement:
• Family
• Priceline.com’s Airline Ticket Booking System
• WWE.com’s Digital Video experience and its Global Media Syndication infrastructure

Next Big Thing:
“WWE Digital Media Video Asset and Content Management infrastructure, and our Anti-Piracy & Monetization strategy.”

Biggest Trend in Online:
“Continued increases in size of audience and advertising revenue.”

Biggest challenge facing the industry:
“The consumer’s value chain for digital content delivery continues to challenge and threaten existing supply chains.”

Just as this issue went to press, Mike Tedesco left WWE to be the CTO of Venture Forth Software.

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