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The 2010 Streaming Media All-Stars

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Steve GarfieldSteve Garfield: Author
Author, Get Seen: Online Video Secrets to Building Your Business

Other job titles:
• Video Producer, Teacher, Speaker
• Founder, Boston Media Makers

Proudest achievement:
• Demystifying what’s needed to put video online through my blog, speaking, and consulting
• Creating one of the first video blogs in 2004 and continuing to learn new ways of putting video online and sharing my findings

Biggest trend in online video:
“Companies are looking at the value of casual video to help website visitors get to know their company, employees, and products.”

Biggest challenge facing the industry:
“Getting seen amongst the volume of content out there. I just judged The Streamys. There were so many good entries that I had never heard of, it made me pause and think that there needs to be better ways to help videos come to my attention, amongst all the social media that streams at me every day.”

Glenn GoldsteinGlenn Goldstein: VP, Video Technology Strategy
MTV Networks

Previous job titles:
• VP Platform Application Development, MTV Networks
• Manager of Chat Systems Development at EarthWeb
• Software Architect/Lead Developer for Digital Photo Archive at Associated Press
• Software Development Manager for Digital Camera and Wire Photo Applications at Leaf System

Proudest achievements:
• Most recently, coordinating the online video technology for the “Hope for Haiti” HD simulcast benefit concert

Next big thing:
“Bringing the TV viewing experience to digital platforms with improved HD video quality and access to subscription content.”

Biggest challenge facing the industry:
“Interoperability, interoperability, interoperability! For codecs, adaptive streaming formats, and DRM.”

Lisa Larson-KelleyLisa Larson-Kelley: Web Video Consultant

Previous job titles:
• Technical Director, go:toGroup, Inc.
• Co-Founder, Lead Developer, iFoxCam, Inc.
• Adobe Community Professional

Proudest achievements:
• Authored one of the best-selling books about video for the Flash platform, Flash Video for Professionals (Wiley/Sybex)
• Moved to New York City and co-founded a successful web design firm, landing clients such as Loréal, Microsoft, and Adobe Systems. Developed a Flash-based video player for MSN.com that integrated with their existing content management system and ad server. Assisted several startups in selecting the appropriate technology for video delivery

Next big thing:
“I’m currently looking at opportunities around the upcoming peer-to-peer support in Flash Player 10.1. It’s going to open up a whole new array of creative possibilities and business models for video and real-time interaction in the browser, on the desktop, and even on devices.”

Rob LevyRob Levy: Executive Producer & Production Operations Manager
Discovery Digital Media

Previous job titles:
• Senior Digital Technology Consultant, Discovery Digital Media• Producer/Editor, Tele-TV• Editor, Bell Atlantic Video

Proudest achievements:
• Other than my daughters, it would have to be the live webcasts that I have produced over the years—giving our online audiences the opportunity to interact with compelling content that often involves people in remote places and crazy situations. Each webcast has offered up its own technical challenges, whether from an Egyptian tomb or from a submarine hovering over the Titanic, which made it that much more rewarding.

Next big thing: “Mobile video is growing, and it’s a very important way of reaching our audiences, and I think it’s only going to get bigger. More devices and better compression will really allow users to have great content anywhere they want it.”

Kevin Nalty

Kevin Nalty: CEO
Nalts Consulting

Previous job titles:
• Product Director, Merck
• Assistant Director at Johnson & Johnson

Proudest achievements:
• Leaving the security of corporate America to follow my passion for video and social media marketing
• Getting paid to promote one of my favorite television shows, Fringe, and meeting the cast
• Finally finishing Beyond Viral, the book I’d been talking about for 3 years

Biggest challenge facing the industry:
“People are going to tell you measurement and comparing impact of different mediums, but an impression isn’t an impression unless it makes one. A deeper problem is the shift we marketers are making to “letting go” of our control given the diminished impact of interruption marketing. The pre-roll is a classic example of when old reflexes meet new media, and I can’t wait for it to die.”

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