Be Here Makes its Small Screen Debut with the NBA

Be Here Corporation (www.behere.com), which has been making a name for itself in 360-degree video for the Web, has crossed over to the other side with an announcement that its TotalView broadcast system will be used by NBC Sports during its television broadcasts of the 2001 NBA Finals. Beginning on June 6, the series features the Los Angeles Lakers and the Philadelphia 76ers.

Be Here's technology uses a single camera mounted atop each backboard to digitally record an ultra-wide view of the game. Be Here's processing software prepares the video for live broadcast and also allows both the broadcast analyst and directors to navigate within the field of view and replay numerous points of view. The system operator can pan, tilt and zoom to maneuver through the live video or freeze the game action while continuing to change points of view to present instant replay analysis that showcases the most important or exciting view of a play.

"The NBA Finals continue to define the depth and excitement of the NBA," said Steve Hellmuth, NBA senior vice president of Operations and Technology in a statement. "This technology allows us to bring fans closer to the exciting action with an enhanced television experience."

Be Here and the NBA are not strangers having previously worked together on events including a live streaming video Webcast of the Dallas Mavericks against the Sacramento Kings in April and the Webcast of portions of the 2001 NBA All-Star Weekend. However, the 2001 NBA Finals on NBC marks the first-ever live televised use of the TotalView system.

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