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Vividon Introduces Streaming Delivery System

Vividon (www.vividon.com) has announced the introduction of its Streaming Delivery System. The system, which is a single box or edge server, is specifically designed to efficiently handle streaming content, according to the company. Vividon is pitching the box as able to reduce the total cost of ownership associated with streaming media delivery.

Specifically, the Vividon system makes delivery more economical by reducing the amount of backbone bandwidth necessary while offering a lower cost per stream than traditional caching devices designed for static Web pages, according to Bruce Leichtman, VP corporate strategy at Vividon.

Vividon is marketing its box to CDNs, ISPs, Broadband ISPs, Web Hosting Companies, and Enterprises with multiple offices, and Leichtman states that the company has already deployed its box in several beta tests.

Vividon believes that its boxes will be deployed because they offer service providers the ability to support streaming services at a lower capital investment, while reducing bandwidth costs for the service provider's customers.

Although, the streaming market is tough these days, Leichtman believes that his company will make sales because of the eminent need to provide cheaper streaming delivery today.

According to the company, the Vividon Streaming Delivery System is interoperable with existing Internet infrastructure and does not require the service provider to re-architect its network in order to deploy scalable and high performance streaming services. The system supports all major streaming protocols including Windows Media, Real Media Proxy, QuickTime and HTTP.

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