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Widevine Releases Enterprise Targeted Security Solution

Widevine Technologies (www.widevine.com), a communications and network security company, recently announced the release of its new enterprise targeted security solution — Widevine Cypher Enterprise. The companies' first products were designed specifically for streaming broadcasts; however, according to Widevine spokesperson, Tim Warner, the company has revamped its streaming security solution due to anticipated market demand.

As streaming in the enterprise becomes more prevalent, Warner believes that publicly traded companies will need to protect their corporate assets and secrets via a security solution.

"The explosive growth of industrial espionage, coupled with expanding use of streaming media communications in business, has spawned an urgent need for corporate communications security," said John Beyer, CEO of Widevine in a statement. "Industrial espionage and security breaches take place everyday. From the aerospace industry to finance, from educational institutions to the health care industry, information technology professionals need to secure their communications and streaming media."

Because it is slightly difficult for the average streaming media consumer to capture the file to disk permanently, there is often a misconception across the industry that streaming media is completely secure. Widevine, however, states that streams are currently in danger of being ripped off at any point along their path on the public backbone through to the end client. The risk of simple pirating techniques such as screen scrapping is most obviously present at the end client because it is at this stage that the user is motivated to capture the media and has all the tools of the PC available.

Widevine's Cypher Enterprise uses the technology developed for Cypher broadcast solution and is transparent on both the server and client end, working with all three major file formats. Cypher also provides "on the fly" DEX-X encryption, client-side security and monitoring to prevent streaming from being captured by network stack hacking and screen-scrapping, and a client shim designed to allow easy development and fast deployment of new encryption algorithms.

Widevine states that its enterprise system was designed for companies not traditionally considered to be in the streaming business. "These companies use streaming to support their other operations with distance training, videoconferencing, and other applications. They're already using this technology on a regular basis in their normal course of business — or would like to, if only communications security issues could be addressed," states Beye

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