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GEO Optimizes solution for Intel XScale Microarchitecture

At this time it remains unclear which combinations of device, operating system and chip solution will spawn the devices that claims the largest market share. For this reason streaming companies with a focus on the wireless arena, and a hardware component to their solution, are working to optimize their solutions for one, some or all of the chipset solutions available on the market.

The most recent announcement was made by the GEO Interactive Media Group ( www.emblaze.com), which said that it will optimize the video code of GEO's patented Emblaze Wireless client technology for the Intel XScale microarchitecture. Once completed, the Emblaze Wireless A2 and A3 wireless streaming technology will be optimized for the Intel XScale microarchitecture and Intel's Integrated Performance Primitives.

GEO states that its support for Intel XScale microarchitecture will build upon the optimization of GEO's technology algorithms for the Intel StrongARM SA-1110 processor announced last year. Intel's StrongARM acts as the CPU for the popular Compaq IPAQ, among other devices.

Intel believes that its XScale microarchitecture's ability to provide longer battery life and higher processing power makes it ideally suited to support the delivery of multimedia content. GEO has developed the technology to enable two-way video messaging once cell phones are sold with small embedded cameras, and GEO states that both companies are particularly excited about the possibilities two-way messaging offers.

"Leading companies like GEO, demonstrate the commitment of the industry to the Intel XScale microarchitecture in the rapidly growing mobile media marketplace,'' said Mark Casey, director of marketing for Intel's Handheld Computing Division.

Packet Video had previously announced that they were working to optimize its solution also on the Intel XScale microarchitecture, and Real Networks announced last week that it has struck and agreement with Texas Instruments to embed Real's software onto its combo ARM microprocessor/ DSP Open Multimedia Applications Platform (OMAP).

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