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Eveo Announces B2B Production Services

Eveo (www.eveo.com) announced it is rolling out an additional component to its business model, called the Eveo Video Platform. The Video Platform is the back-end to Eveo's site, repackaged and offered to its clients as a cost-effective way to implement video on a site without having to develop the infrastructure. Eveo will also be producing videos for Web sites looking for original streaming content as a way to leverage its assets and look towards profitability with a B2B model.

Eveo will use its network of 1400 filmmakers to commission video on behalf of its clients looking to add customized streaming content to their sites. Eveo believes that it will be able to complete the work more economically then each individual company, as it won't have to gather its own streaming pros, creative people and more in order to create original content.

Eveo will act as intermediary or producer, managing the work and assigning filmmakers; as well as encoding, streaming and branding the video for each customer.

In October, Eveo announced an agreement with Farmclub.com (www.farmclub.com) to "hook-up" talented film makers with new musicians and showcase their work on the Farmclub properties. In addition to supplying the network of artists for the relationship, Eveo also hosts and streams the videos.

The first customers were announced today and include iSyndicate, Maverick Records, StreamSearch, Away.com, Timbuk2 Designs and IUMA. iSyndicate will be using Eveo's Video Platform to power its self-syndication for independent content creators, and StreamSearch will be using Eveo's services similarly.

President, CEO and co-founder, Olivier Zitoun, said that Eveo will also focus on online and offline syndication, although he admits this initiative is still rather new. Eveo is promoting its current service as a way to empower sites to enlarge their video communities, and try out syndication. Although, Zitoun states that this is only one part of a larger plan.

"I wouldn't build a company on syndication," he admits.

Eveo won't abandon its current entertainment site, which focuses on original user-submitted video content. Eveo has had some success incubating stars within this model, signing Eveo contest winner, Oliver Wolfson, with Gersh, a Hollywood talent agency.

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