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Ask Jeeves Adds Multimedia Search Capabilities

StreamSearch (www.streamsearch.com), and Ask Jeeves ( www.askjeeves.com) announced a strategic relationship, which will make StreamSearch's database of multimedia content files available through search results on the Ask.com site.

StreamSearch's multimedia database currently consists of about 2 million streaming and downloadable audio and video files, and its team of editors currently adds an additional 50,000 or so titles per week. StreamSearch's database primarily consists of media that StreamSearch has licensed. However, according to StreamSearch CEO, Rob Shambro, the database can take a user to a referring page for unlicensed media.

"StreamSearch's hands-on editorial process of building and maintaining its multimedia database aligns perfectly with our own editorial process and goal of humanizing the Internet," said Rob Wrubel, president and CEO of Ask Jeeves.

The StreamSearch approach involves an experienced staff of editors and programmers who authenticate every link, provide descriptions and sources of the content, and apply a system of metadata to facilitate accurate search results. While Shambro notes that software is used to speed the process, he believes that many of his content providers want editorial flavor to be added.

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