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Globix Announces EarthCache Content Delivery Network

Globix (www.globix.com), announced the development of a new content delivery network infrastructure called EarthCache. The content distribution system will ride on top of the Globix worldwide network and make use of Globix's peering agreements to improve efficiency.

The EarthCache content distribution system will mirror and cache content locally across the edges of Globix's network to ensure that the content is as close to the end user as possible.

Globix says the goal of EarthCache is to provide businesses with increased server efficiency, better bandwidth management, and faster delivery of Web content and streaming media.

Globix believes that one of EarthCache's advantages will be its peering network, which consists of 1,100 peering-connection agreements with 450 network providers. Peering occurs when two or more ISP's develop a direct link between each other and agree to forward data across these links in a reciprocal agreement. Avoiding the standard Internet backbone and reducing the number of hops can increase the speed of service.

Globix is in the process of building out the infrastructure and intends to make the service commercially available in December. Globix states that several clients are currently in the pre-production test phase.

Globix operates a 20,000- mile Internet backbone network, which spans the United States and Europe.

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