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VBrick Introduces EtherneTV to Enable Live Television over Ethernet Networks

VBrick Systems (www.vbrick.com), which creates video networking products, announced the release of EtherneTV today.

EtherneTV is a complete package that includes a VBrick network video appliance, cables and client software that lets users view live video feeds over a LAN connection. EtherneTV can distribute video from devices such as a VCR or DVD player.

The company says that typical users of its system include investment-banking firms whose employees require constant and immediate global information that can only be delivered by global news sources.

VBrick's video appliances use IP multicast technology to distribute video efficiently over networks and create minimal network impact. A VBrick video appliance enables the viewing of video over IP networks without consuming network bandwidth, since the appliance compresses and streams conventional audio/video using the MPEG standards, without going through a server.

VBrick promotes its EtherneTV as a cost-effective alternative to videoconferencing, as it eliminates the need to run new analog audio and video cables through buildings as well as the need to pay a third-party provider for video conferencing solutions.

"EtherneTV is an extremely cost-effective and network-savvy way of delivering live, real-time video anywhere on a network. While EtherneTV delivers true TV-quality video, it does it in an extremely network-friendly way," said Richard Mavrogeanes, president and founder of VBrick Systems.

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