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RealNetworks' RealSystem Available for IBM's UNIX Servers

IBM (www.ibm.com) and RealNetworks ( www.realnetworks.com) today announced that they will provide Internet media solutions featuring RealNetworks' RealSystem on IBM's UNIX server line, including the RS/6000 systems and the new IBM eServer pSeries products. RealNetworks' Internet media solutions enable IBM's UNIX customers to make their e-commerce websites more attractive with the addition of streaming audio and video.

Both companies will jointly promote these solutions. RealNetworks and IBM also announced today that RealNetworks has joined the IBM Partner program.

The integration of the RealSystem into the IBM UNIX server platform will allow companies to include rich media in their online sales presentations, as well as provide multimedia-based customer support and training after the purchase. In addition, this solution gives enterprise customers the ability to deliver streaming media intranet and extranet training and education to their employee base.

IBM's UNIX servers running the AIX operating system power some of the world's largest websites; including the official site for the Sydney Olympics.

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