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MusicReaper.net Launches Beta Streaming Service

MusicReaper.net (www.musicreaper.net) has announced the beta launch of its music application service. The company's service will allow any Internet site to add music to its existing website without the need to develop the hardware and content infrastructure necessary to stream multimedia content over the Internet.

The MusicReaper.net application works by allowing an Internet site to fully customize and brand the HTML-based player application that streams music from the MusicReaper.net servers. MusicReaper offers the Standard Player program and the Extended Player program. The Standard program will be available for free, but does not allow for specific music to be chosen. The company will place banner ads on its standard player.

The Extended Player program can be fully customized and will allow sites to choose their own music, assuming that they own the rights to the specific music titles. The Extended player can also be customized for e-commerce transactions.

According to Chris Wiederspan, president of MusicReaper, the service will provide a variety of music through its player in compliance with the rule of the Digital Rights Millennium Act. For future release, the company is looking to separate their streams into "music zones", which would be more tailored to a specific sites' audience. Wiederspan also stated that the company is looking to add technology to its player that would be able to predict the users musical taste.

MusicReaper.net is using the beta testing period to finalize the features of the system.

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