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iBEAM Broadcasting Announces Internet Radio Solution

iBEAM Broadcasting (http://www.ibeam.com) today announced the launch of its 'Radio Solution', which is a combination of its newly announced PureStream Encoder solution and its On-target ad insertion service. While this solution is essentially a rebundling of previously existing products, iBEAM believes that the package deal will allow terrestrial radio stations to profitably expand onto the Internet with ease.

iBeam states that The PureStream Encoder enables terrestrial radio stations to broadcast over the web with the same high-fidelity sound that is delivered over the airwaves at a lower data rate, which results in lower bandwidth consumption and reduced cost.

To create this encoding solution iBEAM partnered with Octiv and Winnov . Octiv is responsible for the preprocessing software and Winnov is providing the hardware components of the Encoder. The solution requires only a 28.8 kps modem to access FM-quality streams.

While iBEAM's ad insertion service has been on the market since April, it has been adapted for the 'Radio Solution' to allow for the in-stream insertion of ads. According to John Fiske, Director of Marketing at iBEAM, ads are easy to insert in a playlist environment typical to an internet-only broadcast. However, terrestrial radio stations that are streaming a live stream, but want to sell Internet advertising as a separate entity face a tougher challenge.

iBeam's 'Radio Solution' addresses this concern by integrating with the stations automation system. A tone alerts the software that a commercial slot is approaching, and the software cuts the stream and replaces it with Internet ads. At this time, the solution cannot target the ads towards the end user.

It costs $300/month to rent the PureStream Encoder, which includes the Octiv license, remote management, and the box itself. No contract is required, and there will be a charge per MB streamed dependent upon volume.

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