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GalaxyOnline.com Inks Licensing Deal With AtomFilms

GalaxyOnline.com (http://www.galaxyonline.com), a science-fiction site, today announced that the company has completed a pact with AtomFilms ( http://www.atomfilms.com), a short film and animation entertainment company, to showcase one of the most sought-after properties from legendary filmmaker George Lucas.

The film, titled "THX 1138, The Electronic Labyrinth," is one of Lucas' first projects created while he was a student at USC Film School. The licensing agreement between GalaxyOnline.com and AtomFilms is the first such pact between the two companies, and will include deals for three other science-fiction-related short films.

The package will give GalaxyOnline.com Internet broadcasting rights to showcase "THX 1138, The Electronic Labyrinth," as well as Atom's "Plug," "Solid Action Love Partner" and "Una Dia Perfecta." The licensing agreement for all Atom properties is for a two-month period, and was concluded for an undisclosed sum. All four titles will be available for viewing at GalaxyOnline.com beginning Sept. 1, 2000.

Lucas wrote and directed "Electronic Labyrinth" in 1967. Aside from AtomFilms, GalaxyOnline.com is the only Internet site to have broadcasting rights to the film that is considered by many as one of the most influential for aspiring filmmakers.

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