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Audible Announces New Programming

Today, Audible (http://www.audible.com) announced the launch of a new program called "Audible Politics". The program will be a weekly original program consisting of analysis and insight that focuses on the 2000 presidential campaign. The hosts will be James Fallows, national correspondent for The Atlantic Monthly, and Karen Breslau, San Francisco bureau chief for Newsweek.

Audible Politics is available each week free of charge for audio streaming or download. The show will be about 20 minutes in length and consist of a wide-ranging discussion of the week's newsworthy developments in the 2000 political campaigns, as well as personal insight, observations and anecdotes from Fallows and Breslau.

The announcement of new programming comes on the heals of a financial reporting dispute between Bloomberg News Wire and Audible. On Wednesday, they published an article with the title, "Audible May Run Out of Cash Next Year, Filing Shows." Audible refuted the figures in this release, and a correction was printed - still with the same title.

The figure in dispute was the total sum of the company's cash reserves. Bloomberg initially stated that the reserves were 10.3 million, but the actual figure filed with the SEC was 25.2 million. They immediately published a correction.

The Bloomberg statement was clearly incorrect, and has created a tremendous amount of unwarranted concern on the part of our shareholders," stated Thomas Baxter, president and CEO of Audible, Inc in a press release.

Unfortunately, the increased amount of cash reserves reported does not change the continuously declining stock performance of Audible, but perhaps new programming will bring about a positive change.

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