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Microsoft Releases Final Version of Windows Media Encoder 7

Microsoft released the final version of Windows Media Encoder 7 on the Web today. It is available for free download athttp://www.microsoft.com/windows/windowsmedia/en/Download/default.asp

Microsoft has finalized the latest encoder in cooperation with content developers in an effort to further streamline the production tool. The release intends to facilitate seamless conversion for both live and pre-recorded audio, video, and computer screen images for Windows Media Player delivery.

Microsoft Windows Media believes that the final version of Encoder 7 includes:

- Greater control over live event content production and delivery, enabling users to switch between input sources during live broadcasts

- Superior de-interlacing and inverse-telecine features for the creation of higher output quality from broadcast and film-sourced content

- Time compression during encoding: developed by Microsoft Research and the Digital Media Division (time compression and pause removal reduce playback time).

- Remote Web administration: a fully functional and extensible remote administration sample lets larger sites manage multiple encoders on multiple machines remotely.

Microsoft states that they received very positive feedback from the beta testing of this version.

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