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Piranha Releases ‘Piranha Stream’

Piranha Inc.(www.piranha.com), a developer of data compression solutions, announced the availability of Piranha Stream today.

Piranha Stream's technology features real time, full-frame rate encoding of streaming video files. Piranha states that their technology produces a smaller file then the three leading streaming video platforms while maintaining comparable image quality.

As an example to illustrate the capabilities of Piranha Stream, the company took the three minute and fifty-three second music video entitled, "The Mighty" by Sting, and compressed it in real time to a video file size of only 11.1 megabytes. For benchmark purposes, the company established the following criteria: Real time encoding; frame rate -- 24 frames per second (film frame rate); or 30 frames per second (video frame rate); frame sizes 320 pixels x 240 pixels and greater; and image quality that is visually comparable to industry leaders.

Piranha is a seven-month-old company based in Dallas, Texas.

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