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Aurallyyours.com Unveils PIXSTREAMER

Aurallyyours.com introduced PIXSTREAMER, a streaming audio software engine for PCs and Net Appliances.

The basic idea behind PIXSTREAMER is that there is a need for a simple means of accessing "audiographical" information from the Internet without the complexity and hassles often associated with the current solutions such as Real and Windows Media.

Applications based on the PIXSTREAMER ENGINE will deliver 'Streaming Audio Billboards' to consumers without the need for lengthy downloads and failed installations. The design flexibility of PIXSTREAMER allows Internet appliances and PCs to act as information devicessuch as personal online portals or financial management monitors.

"While PCs have become an accepted tool for both work and play, for many people PCs are complex, intimidating and unstable. They lack the 'instant on' gratification and media handling capabilities consumers have grown to expect from their home appliances such as televisions and other audio and stereo equipment," said Lawrence Duhart, founder, president and C.T.O. of Aurallyyours.com. "

PIXSTREAMER enables channel branding similar to what cable television has done with popular news programming such as CNN. Service providers can brand an Internet appliance as a transparent extension of their web site to increase customer traffic by using the Internet to deliver their own Internet channel.

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