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How Streamers Can Help Advertisers Deliver the Right Creative

The USP of advertising on streaming platforms has always been the heightened opportunity to deliver the right ads to the right users with a specificity inaccessible to traditional TV advertising’s monochromatic broad brush. But delivering on that promise remains a work in progress. PepsiCo Head of Media Strategy & Investment Katie Haniffy discusses specific ways streamers can work more effectively with advertisers to help them match the creative to consumer and ensure their ads convert in this interview with OMD U.S. Head of Video Investment & Activation Suzanne Irving at Streaming Media NYC.

The types of deeper resources streamers can provide advertisers

“We talk a lot about what's the right creative, hitting the right person at the right time, creating that great content that the consumer wants to see,” Irving says to Haniffy. “But from your perspective, what resources do you think the streamers can provide in those areas?”

Haniffy says that streamers can provide various resources, including a deeper understanding of algorithms, tech stacks, and creative content assistance. “Having a deeper knowledge of how the algorithms work, understanding the tech stack,” she says. “I know some companies have utilized different tech partners. You have your Demand-side platforms (DSPs). Are they putting inventory on the sales side? So just kind of understanding the nuances, I think, is always good.” On the creative side, she says, “If there's an opportunity to personalize or take our creative and [make a version of it], overlay a different copy, push a different scene forward, I think those are the things that we're starting to look for to be very turnkey so we can be able to personalize our message or make it a little bit more relevant for the consumer. And they'll remember our ad more because it means more to them.”

The importance of product placement, customization, and co-productions

“When we build our content programs,” Irving says, “we know that basic programming integration is table stakes for us, but can you give us an example of [an integration] that delivered great results for PepsiCo?”

“We have one product placement strategy where we just make sure we send products to all the showrunners…we want to make sure that our products are front and center if the opportunity comes up,” Haniffy says. “Second, we talk about making sure our brands are [present] on the right occasion. So, especially with regard to food and beverages, football watching is a great example. We want to make sure when you're planning your football party or you're watching your favorite team that you're choosing PepsiCo products for that.”

Haniffy highlights a successful PepsiCo partnership with Amazon for Thursday night football. “That was a ton of fun with a bunch of football players having a great time eating chips and drinking soda,” she says. “And then we brought it all the way down through e-comm, and we had recipes on Tastemade, and we used the e-comm team to help us build a custom page where people can actually shop those recipes. Of course, our products were part of all those recipes, but we created custom content around there.”

She also mentions a co-production with a media partner to create a game show centered around a specific Pepsi product. “That show was created specifically around Pepsi Wild Cherry,” she says. “We wanted to make sure we gave that a little bit of juice. We had a great show on primetime. And that was something that was more of a heavy lift, but in the end, it worked out great. It was very much about driving consumer engagement, creating a new piece of IP, and then really bringing that into retail.”

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