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SMNYC 2024: Adeia's Serhad Doken Talks Big-Picture Tech Stack Sustainability

At Streaming Media NYC 2024, Tim Siglin, Founding Executive Director, Help Me Stream Research Foundation, and Contributing Editor, Streaming Media, interviews Serhad Doken, CTO, Adeia. Doken discusses the company's focus on inventing solutions for future industry problems. These inventions will lead to new products, markets, and services over the next five to ten years. He also emphasizes the importance of sustainability and the need to consider it from a broader perspective rather than focusing on small silos, and he highlights the complexity of the media ecosystem and the interconnectedness of its various parts.

Siglin mentions that Doken is one of the participants on the sustainability panel he is moderating, “Computing While Cooling," and he asks Doken to talk briefly about himself and his role at Adeia.

“I'm the CTO at Adeia,” Doken says. “Adeia is a publicly listed company on NASDAQ with two different business units. One is media, and the second is semiconductors. What we do is inventions, foremost for the problems that the industry will experience in the future. And our focus is pretty broad and deep. This can go on for five to 10 years, and [the] inventions will lead to new products, markets, and services.” He notes that everything is a tradeoff in engineering – when something is gained, often something is lost. “So what is the perfect optimization?” he says. “Those are the things that we focus on in our advanced R&D.”

Siglin says, “One of the things that you mentioned in our pre-call was sustainability. We tend to focus on really small silos, but in reality, we need to think about it from a broader perspective. Give me your take on that.”

Doken says the media ecosystem tech stack is quite complex, with many interconnected subparts. “We look at our business as content capture, transmission, and consumption,” he says. “So you have to look at the infrastructure cloud, network, encoding the content, and how the content is being consumed. All those different parts have their own tech stack. So this lines up with our heritage and culture because we look at problems from a system perspective, not just one aspect.”

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