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Veritone's GPT Video Producer 

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Veritone won an award in the Monetize category for a new product that does live synthetic content creation at NAB from IABM, the international trade association for Broadcast and Media technology suppliers. 


This new product, Automate Studio, is a generative AI tool which can work with a customer’s content library and asset archive to identify and then create a video rough cut from a description: create a 30-second commercial for a product set in an urban sitting, produce a 2-minute clip on historical footage of forest fires, etc. This is a ChatGPT-type technology that will build a synthetic video clip (which is how the company describes it) based on whatever parameters you tell it to. In addition to creation of new video content, a synthetic voice track will be created to result in a fully new piece of video content.

veritone automate studio

The earlier AI/ML platform the company is known for is processing video content using AI/ML to create full-text metadata, including description of all narration, image identification, mood, and other themes like content categorization. This new application is the next step, combining all known content descriptions with the ability to create an entirely new piece of video content. 

The content compilation is an automated process. The source content is in a mezzanine file and a proxy is sent to whatever video workflow the customer is using. The result is either generated by the AI system or a professional editor will do a final edit, depending on time, budget, and distribution end point. 

Automate Studio is within the aiWARE platform-as-a-service that orchestrates public large language models and can be used via API as well as the low-code workflow found in Automate Studio. Veritone plans to also natively support expanded generative AI models for image and video generation such as DALL-E and other prompt-to-image and video models available in Q2 2023.

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